Access Video Drills

Over 250 video drills with voice overlay giving the coach quick access, this making it easily to combine and create a complete practice program.  Each category has a skill overview template showing the drill name and the drill overview also gives the coach a brief description of the drill, key points that are in point form for easy reading and drill variations showing the coach that you can add your own twist to any drill.

View Game Situations

This module allows the coach to choose the all game situations from passed balls, singles to the outfield and defensive strategies in 4 easy steps.  This helps the coach to see the proper positioning for each player involved along with an optional instructional video footage.

Create Pre-Practice Plans

The Pre-Practice Plan Module provides the coach access to draw from 250 plus videos with voice overlay from the Coaches Video Library.  The coach has the ability to create a fully functional practice plan by choosing the video drills, enter the times of each drill and then can save these practice plans to their team folder and can be viewed by the players.   These practice plans that the coach creates are easily printable for the coach or player(s) to take to the ball field.

Expert Teaching

Supplement your understanding with articles from an endless variety of topics.  Written by experts in their field, these articles can provide a coach with an edge.  Further develop your knowledge and discover different teaching methods, time management tips and new ways to communicate with your players.